Words meant to be visualized, as well as music and messages in other forms. Enjoy my digital visual gallery with your favorite playlist or the tracks that you’re working on.

Your Artwork Solution

As the laws of physics suggest, you’ll see things before you hear them. That’s no different when it comes to listening to an album or song, as more often than not, before you press play, the first thing that will catch your attention, is the accompanying cover art.


Ilham Rambe is an Art Director, Digital and Visual Artist from Jakarta, Indonesia. He’s so passionate about music, visual, installation, and art related. He works for various artist, singer, music producer, and DJ around the world.


Free Wallpapers

Everyone deserves some cool wallpapers for their both lock and home screen. While their mood swings, I also made a lot of choices! Get your free HD phone wallpaper made by me here : Ilham Rambe’s Free Cool HD Wallpaper


I’m very open, so don’t hesitate to drop your inquiries about my works, rates, and any other things you want to know more.

Mail me — m.ilhamrambe@gmail.com